Selecting a Designer

As with any service provider, you want to hire a designer based on their work, their professionalism, and their demeanor. Let's take a quick overview at how you can judge these qualities.

1. The Portfolio

Thanks to the internet, it is easy to research a design firm online and get a feel for their style. You want to look for projects that are similar in scope to your needs, as well as similar in style to the audience you are trying to reach.

2. The Business

You want to work with a company that will stay on schedule (and not be afraid to keep you moving along as well) and stay on budget. Be sure to have a written agreement spelling out what you will get, when, and the cost. Ask questions if anything seems out of place.

3. The Attitude

You are a partner in this project; you should feel comfortable sharing ideas and not be afraid to ask questions. Good communication is crucial to both a smooth work process and a successful outcome for your project, so be sure you are working with someone that inspires that confidence.